I don’t have a television, and except for the times when people talk about what they watch, I never miss it.  There are plenty of other things to look at and talk about, and almost all of them require more interaction than the passive reception one falls into in front of the television screen.  That’s not to say there haven’t been programs that I’ve enjoyed in the past.  And I might also mention, telling people I don’t watch TV does have a way of detouring conversation.  I become a confessor to which justifications of certain programs are made, and television-watching sins are told.  It’s okay out there: I just would rather read a trashy novel or listen to the radio for my non-intellectual entertainment.  I have a lot of books, and no doubt some of them need justifying to you too. 

I’m on the road, metaphorically: finished with my Masters degree in international relations and looking for meaningful work.  Taking Russian instruction and still working on those phrases needed at the airport.  I study energy markets and former Soviet states daily to keep up with my Masters.  I also have a degree in Fine Arts, with minors in  philosophy and writing.  I also have a degree in fashion production.  My goals with this blog is to make a kind of magazine that features these disparate subjects, to entertain and engage others and myself.

These different avenues of intellectual or practical pursuit have a grand consistency, which is one of enduring interest.   Rather than thinking of their disparity, I look at them as the rambles of a rich life.