Still trying to work this out for myself, as I have not been a risk-taker by history: 

MS Word Dictionary: adventure-(noun).  1. exciting experience: an exciting or extraordinary event or series of events.  2. bold undertaking: an undertaking involving uncertainty and risk.  3. involvement in bold undertakings: the participation or willingness to participate in things that involve uncertainty and risk.  4. financial speculation: a risky or speculative financial undertaking.

Okay, that’s the last of the logic involved: just personal journaling from this point forward.

I remember that I told a co-worker once that I was giving myself a psychological test to learn whether I was an introvert or an extrovert.  She was definitely an introvert; her response was a prim smile.  It took me five minutes before I understood. I said, “If I was an introvert, I wouldn’t have told you about taking the test.”  Needless to say: she laughed.

I remember reading once that romantic people do not survive romantic eras very well.  It takes a pragmatist to negotiate the turbulence.

So now, romantically and extrovertedly I find myself wanting an adventure–life-long.  Not a bigger house or better car.  Instead, a wider, deeper set of experiences, which will enrich my inner life and require me to be pragmatic.  Still the romantic lives on: I know too many people who are destined to talk about their health for the last decades of their life and nothing else.  I want to talk about other things, and not from second-hand, either.

I think some people have no choice but to be pioneers.  People who by nature or inclination have to be out taking physical risks.  Other people have to be tricked into adventure, or trick themselves into it, or have bad luck.  I think I will need to train for the undertakings and experiences I say that I want, and put myself into a position where proximity to events, sights, experiences will be unavoidable.  But not too carefully, either: there’s almost always a way to avoid adventure.  One can travel to a distant place on the globe and then stay in a resort, never learning a word of a different language or a gesture of a different etiquette.  I’ve been on a few vacations like that, with all-you-can-eat-buffet and drinks-at-seven companions.  That’s not what I’m talking about: it won’t satisfy the desire.

On the plus side, I’ve always been intellectually adventurous, which (snicker if you like) is not an oxymoron.  Willing to learn new skills and disciplines–the deep sea diver of the book, article, tract, and profession.  The long road to being me, knowing everything I can know.  It’s past time for me to see it first-hand . . . through tricking myself or training myself, both, neither, whatever comes up.  I can’t go from zero to Everest in a week–anyway Everest is not the goal.  But some summit of experience . . .

More plans later . . .