A nice short reminder to lock your car doors:

One day when “Sage Minister” Sanesuke was still only a counselor, he dozed off in his carriage on the way out of the palace.  Hovering between dream and waking, he noticed a little man all in white catching up with him fast.  On reaching the carriage the little man lifted the rear blind.  Sanesuke was indignant.  “What do you want?” he growled.  “I don’t like you.  Go away!”

“I’m from the king of hell,” the little man answered.  “My name is Little White Hairs.”  He jumped into the carriage, hopped onto Sanesuke’s head, and disappeared.

Back at home Sanesuke looked in the mirror and saw his first white hair.  . . after that he began to think about the life to come.

When Mr. White Hair came to me, I went to the beauty parlor, and started thinking about the life that’s left!

This is from page 286/No. 195 in Japanese Tales. (1987). Royall Tyler, [Ed.].  Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library.  New York: Pantheon Books. 

According to the notes, it is originally found in Hosshinbinshu 7/6.  Sanesuke was a real person who lived 957-1046 C. E.