In the quest for better international news sources, I’ve made a couple of changes: first, I removed the InfoBrazil link, since the weekly hadn’t changed in a good long time.  Instead I have added on blog that seems to follow news accounts very faithfully, Bloggings by Boz; and one South American News Agency that covers Mercosur and Latin American news in Uruguay: Mercopress.   I recommend them both to readers and as always, I entertain suggestions.

For those who are interested, more Latin American web sites are available at the University of Texas site.

Little footnote: What is Mercosur?
A little but not much information is available at Wikipedia–Mercosur is an economic integration organization–a collective economic security arrangement between states in Latin America.  It began with Argentine-Brazil bilateral cooperation and continues to expand in importance, providing a foundation for other Trans-American economic communities.
Mercosur Trade Center Web site