For those of us who dislike paying taxes, it’s sometimes good to reflect what the government does for us:

With added FunOn July 18th, the FDA issued a warning to consumers about various canned-meat products, especially hot dog chili made by a company who creates product for store brands as well as brand-name foods. 

That warning was expanded on July 23 to include various types of natural dog food (i.e., pet food, not sausage condiment) made by the same company.

This latter announcement ends for all time the belief that the chili sauce that goes on top of a hotdog is anything other than an insult on top of injury. 

The dog food and hot dog food are dangerous because of botulism, a toxin created by bacteria.  Symptoms of  botulin poisoning and safe disposal of botulism-contaminated foods is available at another great agency that U.S. taxpayers fund: The Center for Disease Control.

Stay safe, enjoy life–eat corn on the cob, with a little butter and salt.  Fresh peaches.  Stuff like that.  As for those of us with pets, we will definitely want to check the links above for product recalls.

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