Abstinence in KenyaHere’s a U.S. public policy program I have to disagree with.  But it’s not personal–it’s based on my belief that public health concerns trump almost anything:

Can we agree in advance that British medical researchers have absolutely no axe to grind in future U.S. presidential elections?  33% of HIV-prevention dollars spent by the Feds are invested in programs that promote sexual abstinence among youth as their only tactic. 

Just Say No to Sexual RelationsThese non-political researchers have concluded, after 13 trials involving 15,000 youths, that abstinence counseling has not halted the spread of HIV.  Now that it’s been proven, can we try something else?  Like, condoms and sex ed?  And can we also change this policy overseas?  Another alternative: just burn that money in the fireplace at the White House. . .

These posters should be period pieces.