My last trip to the grocery store was the last straw . . . though I’m not on a mission to arrange a boycott (although I certainly could).  This is the position of an educated-but-lazy consumer who’s finally had enough.

Dear Food Manufacturers,

Things I am no longer buying:
sugar bombs away!Boxed breakfast cereals:  Dear cereal manufacturers: the value-added, pre-vitaminafied, pre-sugared, and in some cases, pre-milk-added component of your product is not adding sufficient value to my convenience.  At USD 4 or more per box, it is never likely to do so, either.  I’m eating oatmeal, and adding my own brown sugar and milk: take that, buster.

‘Healthy’ bread: I can remember when the choice was white, pasty stuff at USD .39 per loaf, and I was willing to pay up to USD 1.99 for a loaf that actually looked and tasted like it was made of real food.    However, you commercial bakers have sweetened your recipes, refined all of the husks out of the whole wheat flour, and who knows what else.  The result: your bread tastes too much like the old 39-cent stuff.  Unfortunately, your ostensibly healthy bread is now USD 3.39 to USD 5 for a loaf.  You can kiss most of my money good-bye, because I’m buying local bakery stuff, or, failing that, cutting my consumption WAY down until you figure out what made your product better in the first place.

Supposedly healthy and/or diet cookies: Oh, I love sweets, and oh, I tried.  But you’ve added so much fake sugar to them that I can’t even taste the cookie anymore.  Not the sexiest package in the world is going to overcome a bad product.

Supposedly healthy and/or diet salad dressings: I’ve tried your offerings here too, and the fake sugar content is too much to be borne.

Boiling My OwnCanned soup: soggy noodles, limp vegetables, and so much salt my teeth hurt when I take a spoonful.  That goes for Andy Warhol’s brand and for all of the supposedly higher-end canned soups as well.

Microwave dinners:  See soup, above.

Sodapop, commercial or alternative: Once the mainstay of my liquid consumption, and now, practically nothing of my life.  Ginger ale has no ginger in it; root beer no sassafras.  Plain, uncarbonated “alternative” or “vitamin-rich” drinks taste like watered-down fruit sodas.  Sports drinks taste like glycerine mixed with water and coloring.  No, no, and again, no.

Water . . .So what am I eating?
As a lover of convenience, this presented a problem.  But here it is: I’m drinking water and tea and coffee.  Mixing my own orange juice, when I want a sweet drink that’s cold.  Buying fruit and vegetables; eating salads; making my own quick stir-fries and soups. 

You manufacturers could have done all this for me, but I just can’t stand what you make any longer.  You have newed and improved me right back to the basics.  Your loss.


The Ramblin’ Gal