I love writing for my first, region-specific blog: FPA Central Asia.  But some new things I learn, subjects that interest me, or regions of the world that I follow are beyond its purview.   I wanted a second blog, that has a more occasional production schedule and no pre-set subject matter.  This is it.

I have a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy from Norwich University.  My thesis subject was a political and microeconomic study of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline in the Caucasus.  I also have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with a double-minor in Philosophy and English.  I have management experience, manufacturing experience, and in general would say I am an intellectual and career polymath.     

Two ways to learn what I might write about: The Library Door lists subjects for which I have read, either books or great articles, that I am sharing and may write about.  The second way is to go by the list below. 

Things that interest me, in No Particular Order:

Robert MitchumArt, art history, The Napoleonic Wars, World War II–Pacific Theatre; Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Power; the Environment; Political Economy; Former Soviet States; Historical Cookbooks; Poetry; Myths, Legends, Epics; Noir Film; Low-brow reading, including Romance, Westerns, Mysteries, and 1930’s religious fiction (oh, don’t ask me why); Tacky Furniture and Objets d’ Kitsch; Foreign Films and American Noir film; the conduct of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Middle East; US Foreign Policy; Agriculture; Ancient Greek philosophers; German philosophers; fashion history; What to Wear to Go Anywhere.

I doubt this lists them all, but it’s a start. 

Coco ChanelIf you drop into this blog, I hope you find it more of an intellectual gazette and less of a policy-driven or subject-specific experience.  Although I do have a lot of policy opinions and subject-specific interest, I’m hoping there’s enough variety to make it interesting for all of us.

Here are my feelings about comments
Talking trash about others, off-subject comments, and cursing tend to lower the experience for everyone else.  I respect strong emotion.  I also think it should be a chance to raise our expressive vocabulary past the usual things that we all say when we slam our fingers in the car door.  No insults of any kind are permitted, although disagreement (even overstated disagreement) is expected.  I get to decide which is overstated disagreement and which is insult.

Here are my feelings about citations:
Mark TwainBlogging is a great way to include a lot of information, and expand upon the work of others through links.  I will never take an entire post from anyone, but will rather link back to the original source with the name they prefer.  I will always correct for those preferences should I get them wrong.  If you link from my site, it would be kind of you to do the same.  Please call the site: Ramblin’ Gal.

That’s it.  That’s all the requests I have, except:  Please enjoy the blog.

The masthead is from Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks (1942).  Have a seat in my diner–you’re definitely invited, and there’s plenty on the menu from which to choose.

2 Responses to “About the Gal”

  1. Steve Hampton Says:


    I was made aware of both of your blogs by Stephen Blanchette, Jr. He and I attended ERAU in the 1980’s.

    I am starting in the NU MDY program in December. If you are interested in sharing your NU experience, I am curious.

    I like your blogs and have bookmarked them. I have also learned something, the definition of polymath.

    Thank you for your contribution to an interesting day.



  2. sara Says:

    Hi, I see you went to Norwich. I am about to start my MDY there. How was it for you? I am quit liberal minded, but I like the idea of a conservative program–as a challenge. I just don’t want to face exile. haha.
    ps. Sorry to ask a personal question on a open forum. Feel free to disregard this question

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