All of these bibliographies will be the work of months, but I’m not waiting until they’re done to get them on-line.  You can, if you want, recommend things for me to read or put on these pages.  I’ll enjoy that very much.

I love books. 

The Library of Cultural Curiosity  [will contain or] contains books related to:
Architecture; Artists; Cultural History; Fairy Tales, Folklore, Myths, and Legends; Fashion and Design; Fine Arts Practice; Food History; Industrial Design. 

The Library of Elevatin’ Erudition  does or will contain books related to: The Greek and Roman classics; Drama; Fairy Tales, Folklore, Legends, and Myth (cross-listed at Cultural Curiosity);  Poetry; Philosophy; essays and criticism.

The Library of Global Significance contains [or will contain] books related to:
Economics; International Relations and Diplomacy; Political Science; Terrorism; the Psychology of Force, Persuasion, and War (crosslisted with Military Matters); and Regional Studies.  So far there are entries on The Former Soviet Union and The Middle East, with more to come.

The Library of Military Matters contains some crossover with the Library of Global Significance, but adds military history and writings on various wars and conflicts.  So far, that would be World War II.  It also contains links to other reading lists.

Queensborough Bridge, 1913

The Library of Premier Pulp contains [or will contain] books related to:
Fantastic Stories; Mystery Fiction; Religious Fiction; Romantic Fiction; Science Fiction; Westerns.

Circle Theatre (1936)

After that, who knows.

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